Fruit and Veg Boxes


Our team are sourcing you the freshest seasonal produce that local Aussie farmers have to offer. We hand-select a generous variety of in-season fruits and vegetables just hours before they arrive on your doorstep.

We aim to select a variety that comprises of familiar favourites...with a curveball or two thrown in each week to keep things interesting!

With three different sizes designed to suit a variety of living situations, you're bound to find the perfect box.

Small - Perfect for 1-2 people

Medium - The ultimate box for a pear of you (2-3)

Large - Feed your family with this one (3-4)

Customer Reviews

Based on 38 reviews
Laura Clarke
You’ll love it!

Fresh, seasonal produce at a great price.

Laura Aston
A thoughtful, seasonal mix with the right staples

The TFZ crew do a wonderful job curating their fruit and veg boxes to include a good mix of seasonal inspiration and staples. Each fortnight I know my box will include some of the cooking essentials like garlic, potatoes, onions, carrots and herbs; as well as some family favourite fruits like citrus and bananas. This is really useful as it makes me very independent of the supermarkets for any of the essentials. I appreciate the thoughtfulness that the crew put into this; as I haven’t experienced such a useful mix of ingredients from other boxes.
An aside: the quality of the produce is first rate. You won’t find citrus as flavoursome as – for example – the Venus cara navel in the supermarket. Can I just order a bag of these guys!?
Love your work.

Perfectly curated

I love how much thought has gone into the fruit and vege boxes. Staples each week of onions and garlic, a different herb and seasonal vege selection means you can make a whole meal without needing to top up from the supermarket. Quality, quantity and variety for an amazing price I have been telling everyone I know to get onto it!

Cressida Fox
My fruit and veg box

I think that a lot of care and thought goes into the compilation of these fruit and veg boxes. There is such a great selection of produce that can cover a wide range of uses and recipes. And the fun of a mystery box. And the freshness and quality of the produce ....

Love that it’s plastic free!

Was very pleased with my mixed box and I was impressed with the amount of variety even in the small box. I’ve tried other produce box deliveries, but I will definitely be sticking with TFZ, cannot fault them.