Can I send your produce as a gift?

You sure can! Use the delivery details of your intended recipient at checkout, then pop us a note in the 'Delivery Notes' section with the message you'd like us to deliver. Our team will handwrite this for you and pop it in the box, ready to be received with love.

When do you deliver?

We deliver every Wednesday between 1pm and 6pm. We will send you a confirmation text on the day of delivery with a more precise delivery window.

When is the order deadline?

We need all orders in by 11:59pm each Monday. If you have left it a little late, send us a quick email (info@theflyingzucchinis.com) and we will see if your order can still be fulfilled, as we know that life can get a little busy at times!

Do you deliver to my area?

Whilst we would love to see all of you, unfortunately we are limited to serving the enclosed area: find a list of our 200+ delivery suburbs here.

What if I'm not home to receive my delivery?

Pass on any special delivery information (for example: "Please place my delivery on the back porch! There's an esky waiting to receive the milk and eggs.") to our team by 10am on the day of your delivery. Your delivery driver will attempt to contact you via the phone number provided if you do not answer the door, however if the delivery must be left unattended it is your responsibility to collect it before the produce is compromised or nabbed. Porch pirates are the worst, so help us help you!

How do the reusable crates work?

To opt in for our reusable crates, simply select 'crate' from the dropdown menu when choosing your produce box. This will add $10 to your first order, which acts as a deposit on your crate. After your first payment, the price will revert to our regular box pricing. Our team will deliver your crate of fresh fruit & veg, and then simply leave your empty crate at the door on your next scheduled delivery day for collection. These crates are collapsible, so shouldn't take up too much space for you! If you live in an apartment or building that is prone to porch pirates (aka package thieves), sticking with our cardboard box may be the best option for you.

What if I forget to leave my crate out (or it's damaged or stolen)?

That's what the $10 is for! It simply covers the cost of a replacement crate for us. These crates are rented by TFZ, and so if not returned, we incur the cost. However, we understand that we don't all have the memory of an elephant, and so if you forget to leave your crate out, hold onto it for another week, and we'll collect it on your next order without charging an additional deposit. If your crate goes MIA for three consecutive weeks, we will be forced to keep your deposit, and charge you another $10 if you're still receiving your produce in crates. 

When do I get my deposit back?

We'll hold onto your $10 deposit for the duration of your crate subscription. If you are moving away or want to end your subscription, simply let us know prior to your final delivery, and we will deliver your final order in a cardboard box, and collect your last crate. Once all crates are returned, we'll refund your deposit.

How do I manage my subscription?

Login to your subscription portal using the 'LOG IN' button on the top left side of your screen (or the bottom of your drop-down menu, if on mobile). Sign in using your email address and chosen password, then click 'Manage Subscription' on the right side of the page under your name (or underneath your delivery schedule, if on mobile). From here, you can add items, skip deliveries, update payment information and more! If you're having any strife with it, Vic & Caity will be happy to help you out.

How are TFZ keeping me safe during the global panini?

We started this business to keep our community safe during each COVID-19 outbreak and subsequent lockdown, and we've done a great job so far! Our team will continue to adhere to contactless drop-offs for the foreseeable future, so please assist them in doing so by waiting until your delivery is on the doorstep and our team have stepped away before opening the door.

As you would with any fresh produce, we advise that you wash your goodies prior to consumption.