Fruit and Veg Boxes


Our team are sourcing you the freshest seasonal produce that local Aussie farmers have to offer. We hand-select a generous variety of in-season fruits and vegetables just hours before they arrive on your doorstep.

We aim to select a variety that comprises of familiar favourites...with a curveball or two thrown in each week to keep things interesting!

With three different sizes designed to suit a variety of living situations, you're bound to find the perfect box.

Small - Perfect for 1-2 people

Medium - The ultimate box for a pear of you (2-3)

Large - Feed your family with this one (3-4)

Customer Reviews

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Natalie Blanco

Fruit and Veg Boxes


We were very happy with our fruit and veg box. Great variety and very fresh. Would be helpful to know what is included in the box for the week.

Sarah Bernard

Would love to get some info about what is in season and what veggies are common around this time. Makes it easier to plan some meals ahead of time. The fruit and veg selected is always a high quality.

Alexandria Beger

Firstly, I am a 100% champagne taste, beer budget gal. I love fancy things and a lot of it for as little as possible and TFZ delivers. We are 2 vegetarian foodies and get the large F&V box every 2nd week and a med veg box in between as a top up and it is perfect. I love the surprise of opening a new box every week and challenging my cooking skills on the reg.

The boxes have great variety, good quantity and the gals are so pleasant and were super patient to work with when I was having issues with my bank. They are so personable and I love that they support locals, are female led, work seasonally and take initiatives to help others in need. Stuff any other reviews that are less than 5 stars. This subscription has been a game changer for me. Not only will you save $ by avoiding big brand shop markups, you are getting way fresher and more nutrient dense food that hasnt traveled thousands of kms and stored in warehouses for months. Plus no more roaming the grocery store buying the same boring veg all the time only to have it go off in 3 days, and impulse buying sh*t you don't need.

I highly recommend the biggest box for value for money. Thanks TFZ! ❤

Gail Morrison

I was initially impressed with the selection and volume of fruit and vegetables.
I promptly put all vegetables,apart from onions and potatoes in the fridge. However the Lebanese cucumber were yellow and 1 was mouldy. As the week progressed the green vegetables deteriorated. The rapa was yellowing after 2 days. The broccoli was yellow by the 5 th day. The Cos lettuce was pale and proceeded to yellow. Normally I would expect the Cos lettuce, broccoli and cucumber to last 2 - 3 weeks in the fridge,especially as the weather was so cold.
As I was hoping for produce fresher than the supermarket I was disappointed.