"Av a few more" (extra avocados)


We know you love our boxes of fresh fruit and vegetables, but the one thing we keep hearing is your hunger for avocados. We get it, they bring a delicious twist to sandwiches and wraps, are the perfect topping on toast, and everyone loves a good guacamole. This is why we have launched the “Av a few more” offer, which gives you an extra one or three avocados to get you through the week at a very reasonable cost.

Note: Only available with the purchase of a fresh produce box.

Customer Reviews

Based on 188 reviews
Excellent variety and quality

We wanted to suss out the quality and variety if the box, and were beyond happy with both! A great mix of basic seasonal fruit and veg, can't wait to subscribe!

Will Sacre
The best veg box in town

TFZ are an amazing little business going from strength to strength. The boxes are always fresh, well-priced and on time.

Emily Chisholm
Late and lack of variety

70% of the box was just onions, oranges and carrots. Variety and cost effectiveness is just not there in our boxes anymore. Felt this over the last couple of boxes and thought it would improve however sadly it has not so this may be the end of the road for us with flying zucchini’s. Delivery times also seem to be getting later and later which is not ideal for my work schedule.

Dr Maureen Corrigan

Nothing has arrived yet. Booked for next week.

Hannah E
Super fresh

It’s so exciting receiving our veg box, the products so fresh and such good quality. Love it!