"Avo few more" (extra avocados)


We know you love our boxes of fresh fruit and vegetables, but the one thing we keep hearing is your hunger for avocados. We get it, they bring a delicious twist to sandwiches and wraps, are the perfect topping on toast, and everyone loves a good guacamole. This is why we have launched the “Av a few more” offer, which gives you an extra one or three avocados to get you through the week at a very reasonable cost.

Note: Only available with the purchase of a fresh produce box.

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Veggie box

Good range of quality produce

prudence morrison

I made an order with you and it didn’t arrive the following week. Then it arrived another week later and the extras were forgotten then they were sent another week later. Very poor service.

Hi Prue, thank you for your feedback. Sorry the experience did not meet your expectations.

- regarding the late delivery of produce, we rectified this by providing a complimentary upgrade of order size, which you seemed satisfied with. And again, as stated in our emails, I am sorry for this mistake.

- regarding the avo order/extras, it appears you had signed on for an ongoing subscription for this, rather than the once-off order with the initial box. I have refunded these charges to you, and again, my apologies I did not pick up on this earlier.


Lee Hodgson

From lockdown Sydney to lockdown Melbourne The Fying Zucchinis saved the day
I sent my niece a care package full of wonderful fresh vegetables and fruit along with the sourdough bread and the organic butter
needless to say my niece was thrilled and loved her care package
They also wrote a gorgeous little card to go with the order
Thank You Flying Zucchini i have highly recommended you

joann Melville-McGrarth

and more yummmm

Kirsten Wood
Good Quality

I can’t use 3 avocados at once, so was very appreciative that not all 3 were ripe simultaneously. The avocado conundrum! Good quality, very tasty - I only wish there was an option to add less than 3 for smaller households!