St David Dairy Milk


Did you think milk was just milk? Well, think again. This stuff is udder-ly wonderful, and processed right here in Melbourne. It is no cow-incidence that this milk won Gold at the 2019 Dairy Industry Association of Australia.

St David Dairy is Melbourne's only micro-dairy, nestled right in the heart of Fitzroy. Started by a fourth-generation dairy farmer in 2013, the company has quickly grown a committed following due to its high-quality products, low food miles, and support of local causes. We love their stuff, whether on our cereal or in our coffees, and we think you will too! 

Note: Only available with the purchase of a fresh produce box.

Customer Reviews

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At David Dairy Milk

Try this milk. It is the best milk you’ll ever drink. It makes perfect steamed milk for coffee. Arrived to me from The Flying Zucchinis with plenty of time before the use by date too. Delicious.

Melissa Farrow
Creamy and delicious milk!

This sounds strange but this milk actually tastes milky rather than watery like you might with supermarket brands.

Allison Glare
Full cream milk

Love the flavour of real milk