Business Closure

Thanks to you, nearly three years of 'The Zooks' has flown by in the blink of an eye.

Vic & Caity have made the tough decision to wrap up this party, with final deliveries hitting the road next Wednesday the 1st of February. By now, our active subscribers have received an email with a little more detail on the logistical side of things.

In truth, we hope that your access to seasonal & delicious Australian produce remains abundant.

We hope that your appetite for exploration in the kitchen remains unsated. 

And finally, we hope that you continue to support your local small businesses as loyally and proudly as you've supported The Flying Zucchinis over the years.

Thank you for your kind words, your glowing reviews, and your smiles and banter each week when we deliver your produce.

With eternal gratitude, your pals in produce,

❤️ Vic & Caity