Maria's Pasta Sauce - Napoli & Pesto


Maria's Pasta are a beloved institution who have been crafting Italian classics for over 30 years from their shop in Carlton. We'll be bringing two all-time favourite pasta sauces to your doorstep - Napoli & Pesto.

Napoli (450g)

Let us introduce you to the Napoli sauce of your dreams.

Made with Italian tomatoes for an authentic and robust flavour, perfumed with basil, olive oil and proudly skipping the preservatives and nasty additives, this sauce is destined to impress.

We've tried it on pasta, on pizza, in baked eggs, straight from the tub with a spoon... Is it unprofessional to say that I'm drooling just thinking about it?

Pesto (100g)

Many products call themselves "basil pesto" but if they contain cashews, macadamias, spinach or canola oil, then by Maria's standards, they're just not pesto.

Maria's pesto is made with basil, pine nuts, Australian extra virgin olive oil, parmesan, garlic, salt and a hint of lemon juice.

Note: This price is for a 100g portion of pesto. Contains dairy and tree nuts.


These sauces arrive frozen to preserve the flavour and will happily hang out in your freezer for 6 months until you're ready to enjoy (...not that it will last that long). Only available with the purchase of a fresh produce box.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Elizabeth Frankel

Tasty as


Great pasta. Though it's frozen but still good

Robyn McGregor

Maria's Fresh Gnocchi

Fabulous flavour but...

You can taste the quality in both the fettuccine and napoli sauce. I mixed a little seafood through and it was incredible. However, cooking the fettuccine was a NIGHTMARE. Imagine your 6 year old daughter washing her hair with bubblegum and then trying to brush it out?!
I defrosted the packet first and just had to let it boil itself unstuck, that didn't work so I used tongs and a pasta server and while it helped, I got burned by the heat and water.
I thought it was going to end up one big glug for the compost but thankfully it came apart just enough for the family.
Fortunately it was just for me and the kids and as mentioned, flavour was fantastic but something needs to be done about the sticky ball it comes in.

holly weinert

Took 30+ mins to cook from frozen