Coffee by Makeshift Roasters


Small batch roasters located a stone's throw from TFZ HQ, dynamic duo Mark & Lachlan are sticklers for quality and flavour. 

These boys are roasting and grinding your coffee within 24 hours of it being delivered to your door, so all you need to do is select your preferred quantity and grind to have fragrant and delicious local coffee delivered straight to you each week. 

Want to know what we're REALLY buzzed about? This whole Makeshift Coffee Roasters process is zero waste for you!

Included in the cost of your first coffee is the deposit for your reusable coffee tin, which our brilliant team will collect from your doorstep with each delivery. Once returned, you'll be issued with a $4 discount code to be used with your next coffee purchase. 

Save cash AND save plastic from landfill.


Note: Only available with the purchase of a fresh produce box.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Hot damn, that’s good coffee

Staggeringly good coffee. The only problem is that the quantity is three days short of a full delivery cycle. But it’s cool, I’ll make a bridging supply of inferior coffee in the freezer.

Zero waste and delicious

I made the decision to switch to coffee from makeshift because of the convenience of getting it with my TFZ box and because it’s the simplest zero waste coffee option I’ve found but holy heck it’s good and there’s no going back. The most delicious smell smacks you across the face when you open up the tin in the morning and it’s the best pre ground coffee I’ve tried (and I’ve tried so many). 100% converted, would recommend to anyone


So great to have a tasty new coffee for our percolator. Beautiful flavour and sustainable packaging :)

Joanne Vaughan
Love this coffee!!

I have used it in a pour over and plunger and its tasty

Rebecca Russell
Smells amazing

Love this coffee. So much better than I expected and smells amazing